You eat healthy and get skinny for bathing suit season, but as the weather gets colder, you slow down, veg out, and succumb to the winter blues. Sound familiar?

Shorter, darker days and chillier weather can have a huge affect on the way we feel. For many people, feeling a little down can spark that urge for instant gratification... often in the form of self-indulgent snacking. 

It starts off innocent: a co-worker brings in donuts or you have a hard day and treat yourself to a meal of warm, gooey mac n' cheese.

Much like a drug, as you surrender to temptation here and there, it takes increasingly more of the same junk food to get that rush of pleasure, and you end up gaining weight (which only perpetuates the desire to "eat your feelings").

Wouldn't it be better to stay slim and feel positive year round?

Leafy greens like kale and spinach not only help keep your energy up and your waist slim, they are an important part of feeling (and looking) good from a chemical level. They're a great source of folate (folic acid) which is strongly related to positive moods. Low blood levels of folate are linked to clinical depression and negative mood states, whereas increasing folate levels has been shown to alleviate symptoms of depression and improve mood and mental clarity. Also, there is a link between depression and diets low in fiber; leafy greens are high in fiber! 

Empower yourself: get in the habit of incorporating cold-pressed green juice into your daily ritual. It's an amazingly effective way to take control of your food cravings, weight, and overall well-being.  

Want to look and feel great no matter the season? Stop stuffing your feelings with comfort food- feed your body and mind with the good stuff!

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