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Vegan Keto Meals to Jumpstart Weight Loss

June 16, 2020 Link to Original Article on The Beet

The ketos are coming. But hey, going keto tastes and feels better when you embrace this high-fat, low-carb diet and still keep things plant-based.

Right now, amid these unsettling times of the coronavirus outbreak, we’re also all looking for ways to flood our body with as much nutrition as possible and stay as healthy as we can be.

So what’s a vegan keto-er to eat? Well, your options recently got even better thanks to juice-and-smoothie makers, Raw Generation’s Keto Meal Shakes, which launched last month.

Currently, the shakes are available in three stellar flavors, Chocolate Mocha, Vanilla Praline, and Cinnamon Chai and you can buy 24 eight-ounce bottles online.

Each beverage is sweetened with sugar-free monk fruit and made with vegan ingredients like protein-packed marine collagen, hemp milk, coconut milk, and more. Each eight-ounce bottle contains 14 grams of protein and only has two net carbs. Whether you decide to do a full-out keto cleanse or are simply looking for a sweet treat that will still let your body maintain the fat-burning state of ketosis, each sipper is a keto dream come true.