The Worst Dairy Food For Your Metabolism, According To A Health Expert

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By this point, dairy is probably used to the constant barrage of criticism it gets from health experts. At the same time that there are several reasons dairy is beneficial to health (say what you will about fatty cheese, but our bones will forever dig calcium), there are also more than a few negative sides to dairy — including that it can increase your chances of getting certain kinds of cancer and can trigger acne.

So, in the world of dairy, which products can do the least to help keep your metabolism on track so that you don't gain weight? Look no further than the two dairy foods you're probably enjoying first thing in the morning.

One of the worst things you can have for breakfast when you’re trying to lose weight is a bagel with cream cheese or butter," says Jessica Rosen, co-founder of Raw Generation and a certified holistic health coach. "A bagel with cream cheese actually has MORE calories than a glazed donut, and these are empty calories. Even if you opt for low-fat veggie cream cheese, you’re totally depriving yourself of the nutrients your body needs in order to be nourished and slim down."

When it comes to trading full fat for dairy for low-fat versions, Rosen warns to be careful: they aren't always as healthy as you might think.

"Lasting weight loss has less to do with ‘low-fat’ and much more to do with consuming the right nutrients every day," Rosen says. "Not only is this breakfast lacking in nutrients, dairy and wheat are two of the worst foods to eat when you’re trying to lose weight and be healthy. These food groups put your body in an unbalanced state that makes it cling to fat."

If you love dairy and want all of the benefits of calcium and probiotic-rich foods, better options for your metabolism include plain Greek yogurt and grass-fed, organic milk.


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