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Raw Generation's Keto Shakes are High in Healthy Fats

April 29, 2020 Raw Generation's Keto Shakes are a healthy, protein-enriched beverage that is low in net carbs and a high source of healthy fats. Suitable for those on a ketogenic diet, these Keto Shakes are available in three delicious flavors -- Chocolate Mocha, Cinnamon Chai and Vanilla Praline.

Featuring just two net carbs per package, these beverages are can be purchased in 24-bottle multi[packs that include each flavor at $4.99 per bottle. In addition to being a great pre-workout option, these keto-friendly shakes are also a great way to replace sugary afternoon snacks. Moreover, the shakes are convenient for on-the go enjoyment and curb hunger while increasing energy.

The plant-based shakes feature a natural monk fruit sweetener and are enriched with marine collagen that is known for its skin-improving and anti-aging benefits along with its gut health nutrients.