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Immunity-Boosting Juice Shots

April 24, 2020 The Raw Generation Immunity Shots Contain Powerful Antioxidants

To help consumers feel their best, Raw Generation has launched new Immunity Shots.

Raw Generation is a company that produces 100% raw vegan juices, keto shakes, and other wellness-focused products. Now the brand has launched Immunity Shots that deliver a dose of powerful ingredients in one tiny serving. Raw Generation's Immunity Shots come in the original Turmeric & Ginger flavor, and new Pineapple Camu Camu and Cinnamon Apple varieties. Each shot is packed with a powerful blend of raw superfoods that help to boost immunity and support the body's natural defenses against infections. And unlike other juices on the market, Raw Generation's new Immunity Shots are completely free of dairy, sugar, gluten, and GMOs.

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