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Finally An Apple Cider Vinegar Drink That's Delicious

April 27, 2020 Link to original article

For some people, taking a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar has been the key to good gut health. But for me, the taste is too much to handle. Good news: my favorite juice brand, Raw Generation, is here to save the day by making ACV infused drinks that you’ll actually enjoy drinking! After all, ACV provides prebiotics and probiotics that support a healthy microbiome in the gut. Healthy gut, happy life, as I always say.

With flavors like vanilla grapefruit, strawberry apple, and pineapple ginger I had high hopes for the new Daily Elixirs. Here’s what you need to know: all three flavors are actually delicious and each flavor complements one another. I will admit I was a bit nervous about the vanilla grapefruit flavor, but to my surprise, it tasted like juicy grapefruit with the slightest hint of vanilla. And to no surprise, the strawberry apple and pineapple ginger were fantastic. 

These juices are a great way to kickstart your morning and give your body the nutrients it needs to start your day. You can drink them as partially frozen slushies, as juice, or mix it into a smoothie for an immunity boost. If you are looking to boost your immune system even more, Raw Generation also has Immunity Shots. These 2-ounce shots are a great way to boost your immune system and you can buy single flavors or a variety pack to get started.

And before you hit that checkout button make sure to check out their new Produce Boxes. Sold as a 25-pound box of either fruits or vegetables, Raw Generation is helping people get ripe and delicious produce without leaving their homes. Talk about a win-win.