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Eating My Daily Veggies Felt Like Such a Chore—Until I Tried Raw Generation’s Cold-Pressed Juices

September 23, 2020

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Getting myself to eat my daily fruits and veggies can feel like pulling teeth. I know they’re good for me, and it’s not even that I don’t like how they taste...

Then I heard about Raw Generation. What first caught my interest (besides the raw juices, protein smoothies and supplements, that is) was that all their beverages ship frozen solid in an impressively-packaged box so you can keep ’em on ice until you’re ready to use them (yup, that means they won’t go bad in two seconds, and you won’t have to drink every single juice in three days to get your money’s worth). That took some of the pressure off, personally. As I did more research, I learned the company only uses raw, unpasteurized, preservative-free ingredients, unlike some other cold-pressed juice brands. Considering I was a total newbie to the ever-popular juice world, that was enough to convince me.

Once I received the drinks, I packed them away into my freezer. Anytime I planned to sip one, I’d let the bottle thaw in the fridge a day or so in advance, so it’d be ready to chug in the morning. I leaned on the juices for energy-boosting (and last-minute) breakfasts, while the protein smoothies worked great as meal replacements (though I hear people who actually exercise like to have them after a workout).

To my total and utter surprise, every juice and protein smoothie was shockingly delicious and so easy to sip. The juices are cold-pressed, not blended; this gives them a fluid consistency by removing most of the fibers in the produce. I was surprised how easy they were to drink both in terms of flavor and texture, having been a bit wary of the juices tasting too “healthy” to stomach.

All I wanted to do was find an easy, quick way to get my greens more frequently. But there are tons of ways Raw Generation’s offerings could possibly help you reach your wellness goals. Raw juice and smoothies can be a wonderful addition to an already plant-based diet, or they can be a nutritious on-the-go meal or snack—no matter what you eat.