16 Protein Shakes for Weight Loss That Still Taste Really, Really Good

Written by Perri O. Blumberg for Redbook


These simple shakes will help you stay fuller for longer.

Why make protein shakes at home? Well, besides saving a ton of money: "By mixing up your own shakes,you can ensure you know exactly what is going into your smoothie," says Rebecca Lewis, R.D. for HelloFresh (nutritionists warn that many that you buy at the store can be studded with icky additives, sugar bombs, and also clock in serious calories). And sure, you could blend together a shake with a laundry list of ingredients but try one of these whole-foods based shakes with no more than nine ingredients instead.


Raspberry-Banana Protein Shake


1 scoop raw rice protein
½ banana
1 tbsp almond butter
1 tsp chia seeds
1 tsp flax seeds
1 handful raspberries
8-12 oz water (or for a thicker shake, use unsweetened coconut milk)


Blend all ingredients together until smooth. Makes one 12-ounce serving.

Recipe courtesy of Jessica Geier, holistic health coach and President of Raw Generation Inc.



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