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Why Tart Cherry is the Superfood You're Missing

Why Tart Cherry is the Superfood You're Missing

Named for the French valley where they were first cultivated in the 18th century, Montmorency tart cherries (the kind of cherry you’ll find in our new Tart Cherry Punch and Tart Cherry Vanilla Mylkshake!) are packed with functional benefits for the body and mind.

Unique in flavor and nutrient profile, tart cherries are just tart enough to earn their namesake and are one of those too-good-to-be-true superfoods that makes you want to give Mother Nature a high five. 

4 Benefits of Montmorency Tart Cherry

    1. Boosts Exercise Performance + Stamina
    Tart cherry helps to boost the body’s levels of nitric oxide, a naturally occurring compound with a multitude of health benefits. When nitric oxide levels go up, blood vessels widen, oxygen and nutrients are more readily delivered to active muscles, and physical performance gets pumped up as a result. Basically, our Tart Cherry Punch is an all-natural pre-workout drink that ramps up energy, strength, and endurance.

    2. Enhances Post-Workout Recovery 
    Packed with powerful antioxidants, tart cherries have been shown to promote more efficient muscle repair and recovery, enable the body to better cope with oxidative stress, and may help lessen muscle damage caused by intensive physical activity.

    3. Helps the Mind + Body Relax at Bedtime
    Tart cherries provide your body with melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone that helps support the body’s natural rhythms and healthy sleep patterns. A Tart Cherry Vanilla Mylkshake for a guilt-free after-dinner treat or evening snack is a great way to prime yourself for the peaceful rest we all need to be on our A game.

    4. Gives Skin a Glow-Up 
    A burst of antioxidants, vitamins, and boosted circulation help to promote bright, glowing skin and an even-toned complexion. Over time as we age, our connective tissues lose their structural integrity. The type of antioxidant that gives tart cherries their color, can help support connective tissue strength, translating to skin that may be more resilient to the hands of time. 

    Want to see how this amazing superfood can support your wellness? Customize a box with our two new premium Tart Cherry flavors today!