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Why Plant-Based Protein Works for Weight Loss

Why Plant-Based Protein Works for Weight Loss

Benefits of choosing plant-based protein over animal protein:

  • Weight loss

  • Easier digestion

  • Less bloating

  • Gain more energy 

  • Clearer skin 

  • Improved sleep quality

  • Faster workout recovery

  • Promotes an alkaline body balance

The more plant-based nutrition you eat daily, the easier it will be for your body to let go of weight... but what about protein? 

All protein originates in plants! Every single plant contains all of the essential amino acids, in varying degrees. 

Fun fact: Kale has more protein and iron than a piece of steak!

How is this possible?? Plant-based protein is bioavailable protein. In other words, it is readily usable and absorbable by our bodies because it is in its natural, unadulterated form. Whereas we may only be able to utilize a small percentage of the protein in a piece of meat (because it has been cooked, and the enzymes and vital nutrients denatured), we can and do utilize ALL the protein in a piece of kale.

All plant-based foods also promote an an alkaline internal body balance. This translates to less strain on the body, more energy, and easier weight loss!

What’s wrong with animal protein? 

For years, major food conglomerates have invested a massive amount of money and time pushing the narrative that you need animal protein to be healthy and strong. This is a fallacy. 

Animal protein sources are super strenuous on your digestive system. The harder your digestive system has to work, the more sluggish you will feel and the less energy your body will have to burn fat and detoxify itself. 

Meat and dairy also promote an acidic internal pH and inflammation. When there is an excess of acidity present, your body adapts by storing that excess acid in fatty tissue. That's when you start to feel miserable and gain unwanted weight. High levels of inflammation can affect the body’s ability to regulate appetite and metabolism, making it virtually impossible to lose weight. 

Not sure what to eat?

Dark leafy greens, nuts, seeds, legumes, oats, and quinoa are a few excellent sources of plant-based protein. More suggestions here!