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Why is Green Juice All the Rage?

Why is Green Juice All the Rage?

People go nuts for green juice, and there's a good reason for it.

Here are some of the benefits of green juice our customers notice: 

  1. Promotes healthy weight loss 

  2. Brightens your skin

  3. Boosts your immune system

  4. Quick nutrition for when you're on-the-go

  5. Boost of energy without coffee!

But did you know that not all green juice is created equal?

Our green juices contain 50% leafy greens (kale, spinach, collards) and still taste great. You can drink green juice to help you reach your weight loss goals, for a quick breakfast, as a late afternoon snack, a pre or post-workout snack... the possibilities are endless! 

Why is Raw Green Juice the Best?

Most juice companies actually process their juices by applying heat or pressure. This has a significant effect on the nutritional content that remains in the juice. The biggest appeal of RAW green juice is that it offers you straight nutrition and your body absorbs it immediately

When other companies heat or process their juices they destroy the nutrients and enzymes. Without the nutrients and enzymes, you miss out on all the health and weight loss benefits! We NEVER process, heat, or pasteurize our juices. Instead, we freeze them. Freezing is the only way to preserve the nutrition and flavor. This takes away the inconvenience factor associated with cold-pressed juices because there's no rush to consume them. You can just store them in your freezer til you are ready to drink your greens!