Why Do a Juice Cleanse? 3 Signs You Need to Do a Juice Cleanse ASAP

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A cold-pressed juice cleanse is a powerful method of detoxifying, healing, and rebooting your whole system. How do you know if your body is in an unbalanced, unhealthy state? Why even  do a juice cleanse? There are a few tell-tale signs that something is off. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, you can take back control by flooding your system with fresh, raw juice:

  • Inflammation
  • Caffeine Dependence
  • Losing weight is very difficult

When our bodies misbehave, our thoughts don’t necessarily go straight to the true cause. As part of our cultural paradigm, when idiopathic symptoms pop up (ailments that seem to spontaneously come on without a clear identifiable cause), we perhaps blame bad luck or genetics. This ignores the actual common root of MOST physical, mental, and emotional complaints…

Chronic Nutritional Deficiencies 

We’ve all heard countless times that “You are what you eat”, but somehow this profound wisdom has not changed the way that we as a culture perceive what it takes to feel GOOD. Instead of getting to the root of what’s preventing us from feeling and looking our best, we tend to cover up our symptoms... usually in ways that ultimately make our issues worse. Alas, most of us don’t consume enough of the vital nutrients that we need. Chronic nutritional deficiencies are more often than not triggering the mysterious maladies that plague us.

The human body requires a consistent daily intake of plant-based nutrition in order to stay balanced and function the way it should. In a nutshell, that means that the higher the fresh and raw content of your diet (unprocessed, uncooked fruits and vegetables, nuts & seeds), the healthier you will be, look, and feel (and the faster you will lose weight!). The Western world calls this school of thought “alternative”. ALTERNATIVE? Just stop.   

However, it isn’t just the food we eat (or don’t eat) that negatively impacts our well-being. Polluted air, prescription and over-the-counter medications, chemical-laden beauty products, and even negative thought patterns are just a few of the things that can throw our bodies off balance. Your body can better cope with toxic environmental factors when it is properly nourished. When your body is chronically deprived of adequate nutrition, it ends up overreacting to these unfavorable environmental triggers.

Why Do a Juice Cleanse?

If your system is in malnourished mode and you don’t do something about it, sooner or later, your body will start to rebel. Why is juicing so much more powerful than just shoveling heaps of fruit and vegetables into your mouth? Unfortunately, as a result of our unhealthy diets, most of us have compromised digestive systems.

Solid plant-based foods have to go through the digestive process before our bodies can make use of them. That means that even when we do eat the right foods, our damaged digestive systems prevent us from fully absorbing and utilizing the nutrition that these foods have to offer. When you drink raw, cold-pressed juice, you bypass the digestive process and maximize the nutrients you’re able to soak up. Your digestive system gets to rest as your body is directly blasted with concentrated nutrition.

Fresh juice has a much higher concentration of instantly absorbable nutrients than any other form of sustenance! As a result, your whole body is healed, revitalized, and restored. So how do you know if your body is in an unbalanced state that can be remedied by flooding your system with cold-pressed juice?

Symptom #1: Inflammation

Here are some subtle ways that you can tell there is an excess of inflammation in your body:

  • The most obvious sign: skin issues like acne, flaky/excessively dry skin, and blotchiness
  • Frequent aches and pains in joints and muscles
  • Depression
  • Difficulty recovering from colds and coughs
  • Sinus issues and excess mucus production
  • Water retention
  • Weight gain/inability to lose weight (more on this below)

It’s at the root of MOST ailments and illnesses that plague us (including symptoms #2 and #3 that indicate you should do a juice cleanse!), but not surprisingly, the modern Western medical paradigm fails to link them back to their common cause. When left untreated, chronic inflammation can lead to a menagerie of miserable maladies. To name a few:

  • Migraines & headaches
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Thyroid imbalances
  • Digestive issues like IBS & Crohn’s Disease
  • Chronic skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, & psoriasis
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Excess weight gain & obesity

However, inflammation doesn’t always cause obvious symptoms right away. Often, it goes unnoticed and untreated. Not all inflammation causes pain, and sometimes by the time we become aware of it, the damage is already done. Over time, the presence of this chronic inflammatory response results in damage to the body, the development of more unpleasant symptoms, and disease.

All About Inflammation

  • Inflammation is NOT bad in and of itself; it is a natural healing response
  • The problem is CHRONIC INFLAMMATION; it’s the cause of almost every ailment
  • When your body is not properly nourished, it cannot cope with inflammation
  • Left untreated, inflammation will eventually damage the body, promote disease, and prematurely age you

So where does inflammation come from? In and of itself, inflammation isn’t so bad. Inflammation is the immune system’s natural protective healing response to the presence of anything that disrupts the body’s delicate homeostatic balance and any sort of physical trauma. For example, if we’re exposed to a virus and develop the common cold, or fall and scrape your knee, we experience the body’s inflammatory response. This includes symptoms like redness, swelling, pain, and/or a sensation of warmth.

This temporary inflammatory response is actually necessary for your body to recover. Without it, foreign invaders like bacteria would have nothing to stop them from fatally taking over our bodies. The problems begin to occur when the inflammation doesn’t go away.

Overly Acidic pH = Excess Inflammation

When we are properly nourished, our bodies can better cope with whatever less-than-optimal conditions that are thrown our way (say, an indulgent weekend full of cocktails and comfort food). Your body wants to maintain a slightly alkaline pH level, but certain foods and habits cause your body’s pH to become overly acidic. This throws off the body’s homeostatic balance and creates an unhealthy internal environment that promotes excess inflammation.

Meat, dairy, sugar, gluten, and processed foods are examples of highly acidic foods that promote inflammation. Other inflammatory factors include exposure to allergens and chemicals, stress, poor sleep patterns, over-excessive exercise, and cigarette smoking. Even the over-the-counter pills we take to relieve the pain of inflammation can actually worsen inflammation because of their synthetic ingredients.

These dietary and lifestyle factors pollute the body with damaging free-radicals. As mentioned, chronic nutritional deficiencies make our bodies overreact to the presence of such undesirable factors. If your diet lacks the proper amount of antioxidant vitamins and minerals (found in abundance in fresh fruits and vegetables), your body is unable to fight back against free-radicals. Over time, there becomes an excess of untamed free-radicals, causing oxidative stress and damaging the body from the inside out.

Your gut has a semi-permeable lining that can become more permeable as a result of an unhealthy internal condition in the body. When this occurs, toxic substances are able to pass into the bloodstream. This causes inflammation in the blood vessels and internal organs, creating the potential for the development of an endless variety of undesirable consequences.

Chronic inflammation also affects the body’s ability to regulate appetite and metabolism. This results in weight gain! Even signs of premature aging can be exacerbated by a diet that lacks adequate nutrients. Knock out the root of the problem and you’ll stop that a-hole Father Time in his tracks.

How Raw Juice Helps Inflammation

  • Loaded with antioxidants, cold-pressed juice neutralizes harmful inflammatory free radicals.
  • A juice cleanse gives your gut a chance to heal by allowing your digestive system to rest and removing toxicity.
  • It boosts your immune system and floods your body with what it needs to defend itself against disease.
  • From bloating to IBS, juice cleansing is the best way to eliminate digestive discomfort, reset your digestive system, and give your body a fresh start.
  • Minor chronic ailments like headaches, rashes, and congestion are diminished.
  • Inflammatory skin problems clear up.
  • Your body has no need to cling to fat anymore.

A juice cleanse will get to the root of your gripes. By flooding your body with an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, you flush out the toxins that lead to inflammation, disease, and weight gain, and you replace them with real nutrition. Highly alkalizing, a juice cleanse will restore your body to a healthy internal state that inflammation cannot thrive in.

After completing a cleanse, keep inflammation at bay by making cold-pressed juice part of your regular diet. Plant-based foods will help your body run the way it’s supposed to, remove harmful toxins, and prevent inflammation from taking over your life/ruining your well-being. Try incorporating antioxidant-rich Superfood smoothies into your daily routine to stay on track.  

Symptom #2: Caffeine Dependence

If you totally rely on caffeine to function, it might be time to consider doing a juice cleanse. An acidic body condition not only causes fatigue and lethargy, it makes you crave caffeine (as well as alcohol and other psychoactive substances that self-medicate the negative mood states an acidic body perpetuates). A juice cleanse will reboot your system, leaving you feeling more clear-headed and bursting with energy!

Digestion requires energy expenditure, particularly when your food lacks optimal nutrition. Juice cleansing allows your digestive system to take a breaks and blasts your body directly with concentrated nutrition. As a result, you will retain more energy!

Sometimes we reach for caffeine when we’re feeling grumpy. Acid-producing foods like cheeseburgers, fried foods, ice cream, and breads are highly acidic to the body. It’s not hard to feel like a cranky bitch when your body is full of toxins and your pH balance is off. Coffee and most energy drinks are also acidic, so they may be making your mood worse. Highly alkalizing juice helps relieve the moodiness triggered by an unbalanced body. It floods your body with nutrients that eliminate toxic build-up that makes you fatigued, foggy-headed, and cranky.

Adding to your increased energy levels, regular juice cleansing improves the quality of your sleep. Your body continues straining to digest processed foods, refined carbs, and meat even after you fall asleep. This zaps the body’s focus and energy away from resting and recharging, disrupting natural sleep patterns. Since juicing gives your digestive system a vacation, you can get the deep sleep you need and wake well-rested.

However, if you’re a coffee junkie, we don’t recommend giving it up cold-turkey to do a juice cleanse. Caffeine withdrawal is torture. During a cleanse, black coffee is better to drink than coffee with dairy and sugar, but even better- try getting your caffeine fix from matcha green tea instead. It’s more alkalizing than coffee and has a variety of other benefits for your health and mood.

Symptom #3: Losing Weight is Very Difficult

You count calories, try every fad diet, obsessively collect weight loss tips, exercise whenever you get the chance… and still, you see very little difference in your weight. This is likely because your body is not properly nourished. When you don’t get enough of the essential plant-based nutrition that your body yearns for, your whole system becomes unbalanced. It perceives the lack of adequate nutrients as a famine, clinging to fat to overcompensate, regardless of the calories you’re eating.

This also goes back to the connection between chronic inflammation and weight gain/difficulty losing weight. When the body is laden with toxic substances, it tries to cope by trapping these toxins in fat cells where they cannot cause further harm. In this state, the body actually clings to fat so as to have somewhere to store away excess toxins, protecting itself and preventing further damage.

If we eat following the biological laws of Nature our body is able to shed weight and heal itself naturally and easily…. But most of us don’t! That’s why the best cleansing juices are raw and cold-pressed. They provide your body with plant-based nutrition in its purest, most powerful form. Juice quickly reaches your vital organs, invigorates your body, re-oxygenates your blood, flushes out fat, and neutralizes the unhealthy, fat-promoting acidic state caused by the typical American diet. Nothing is more nutritious and absorbable.

Flood your cells with unprocessed, nutrient-rich juice, and your body will quickly recognize that it doesn't need the fat it’s been holding onto anymore. The famine ends. Your body starts burning your stored fat for energy.

 Written by Nicole Neuhaus

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