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Why Digestive Health Is so Important

Why Digestive Health Is so Important

Did you know that digestive health affects the health of the whole body? Digestive problems can lead to an inability to lose weight, fatigue, weakened immunity, skin issues, and chronic low moods. Gut health affects every part of overall wellness. 

Our Digestive Shot contains over 20 billion active probiotic cells from 5 gut-healthy probiotic strains. Yogurt or other typical probiotic drinks only have between 1 and 6 billion. Also, dairy is highly inflammatory, promotes mucus production, triggers skin issues, and most people have some degree of dairy sensitivity, even if they aren’t fully lactose intolerant. 

Sorry yogurt and other probiotic supplements, you’re voted off the island.

Here’s how our 100% plant-based Digestive Shots can give you the digestive health boost you deserve:

Healthy prebiotics

Along with all the probiotics we already talked about, our shots also have chicory root inulin, a prebiotic that helps stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria. This healthy bacteria promotes less strenuous digestion, which means a win for gut health and more energy for you. 

Mood enhancement

The balance of microflora (good and bad bacteria) in your gut is strongly correlated to your mood. One of the probiotics benefits is that increasing the presence of friendly bacteria can help "even out" mood and improve mental outlook. 

Soothing enzymes

Cold-pressed pineapple juice and papaya both have soothing digestive enzymes— bromelain and papain. On top of that, our addition of cold-pressed ginger juice boosts digestion (and flavor) even more. This can also mean better and more peaceful sleep because rather than working hard to digest, your body can truly rest at night. 

Gut health affects every aspect of overall wellness, from weight, to immunity, to mood. That is why we say that healthy gut = healthy life. And why we made 2 ounce bottles of delicious cold-pressed juice that help get your gut in tip top shape. Order 20 Digestion shots today for only $69.99. That’s only $3.49 a shot. Shop now!