Why is Cold-Pressed Juice Superior to Blended Smoothies?

In the market for a cleanse that will jumpstart your weight loss and set your body on the right track? Here's why a cold-pressed juice cleanse is the best choice!

So you’re are in the market for a cleanse that will quickly jumpstart your weight loss results and set your body on the right track. But why is a cold-pressed juice cleanse superior to a blended smoothie cleanse?

Higher Concentration of Nutrients

Cold-pressed juicing extracts all of the beneficial nutrients from the fruits and vegetables and concentrates them into an instantly digestible juice. Your body is able to effectively absorb all of the nutrients more quickly than it can from blended smoothies that still contain the fiber of the ingredients.

Raw juice is a great way to get your full servings of fruits and vegetables for the day if you are on the go or dislike eating raw vegetables on their own. It is also a fantastic way to cleanse the body while still ensuring that you're getting all of the necessary nutrients.

Gives Your Body a Break From Fiber

Fiber is something that we all need to consume, but too much fiber can lead to certain digestive problems. Fiber is essentially indigestible and while it is very helpful and necessary to maintaining a healthy digestive system, it can be beneficial to take a break from fiber to give your digestive system some respite and allow for a complete reboot of the body.

Cold-pressed juices eliminate the fiber from the fruits and vegetables, meaning your digestive system doesn't have to work as hard to extract all of the nutrients. This means that you have access to significantly higher quantities of nutrients than you would by just eating the fruits and vegetables whole or in blended smoothie form!