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Why Activated Charcoal is the Hangover Solution

Why Activated Charcoal is the Hangover Solution

Admit it-- at some point, we have all overindulged in food and/or drink. It’s a very human thing to do. And there is nothing quite like the morning after a wild night out, or a big feast of unhealthy foods to make your body cry out for a wellness boost. 

We know that cry for help all too well and decided to put our nutritional experts on the case of finding a solution. 

And (of course) they succeeded with flying colors. 

Introducing: The Revive Shot. 

Here’s what it does:

Provides hangover relief

Activated coconut charcoal has an amazing ability to bind to toxins, like alcohol, and rid them from your body. Our Revive Shots can help you feel better, release the bad stuff, and get back on the wellness track faster. 

Gives natural stimulation

Ginger juices add a layer of stimulation and are a natural anti-inflammatory, making this an excellent way to combat the post-heavy meal inflammation. Once inflammation is addressed, it becomes much easier to lose weight. 

Promotes bloat control 

Activated charcoal also helps reduce the bloating that sometimes comes with digestion. 

Maybe the weekend got away from you. Or perhaps ice cream was on sale at the grocery store. Or you’re about to get together with your friends from college and know what that means... Time to stock up on Revive Shots! A quick recovery from overindulgence is just a shot away. With the power of activated charcoal, it’s like casting a “hangover be gone” spell. And now, you can get 20 Revive shots for just $69.99. That’s only $3.49 a shot. Shop Now!