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What You Need to Know About Vitamin C and Your Immune System

What You Need to Know About Vitamin C and Your Immune System

The seasons are changing which means finding an immune booster is more important than ever. 

Vitamin C helps the body produce more white blood cells which are key to fighting infections and are vital to healthy immune function. 

Zoom in on our Vitamin C Shot

You need, at the minimum, between 75 and 90 milligrams of vitamin c each day. Our Vitamin C shots contain 330% of your daily requirement for vitamin c. In comparison to food with vitamin c, that’s like eating 6 oranges! 

So where does all that amazing vitamin c come from? The world’s most vitamin c rich berry of course: Camu camu, plus other fruit and vegetable juices.

Although vitamin c is key to boosting immune system, and especially right now, your immunity needs to be as strong as possible, the vitamin c benefits are far greater than just immunity:

Promotes healthier cells

Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant which helps destroy free radicals that can wreak havoc on the body’s cells.

Helps maintain and boost healthier bones

Vitamin C is necessary for maintaining healthy bones, teeth and cartilage. It even helps increase calcium absorption and plays a role in the repair of body tissue.

Supports healthier skin

Vitamin C is needed to produce collagen, a protein that helps fight the wrinkles that sometimes come with aging skin. Vitamin C is the ultimate multi-tasker working on giving you glowing skin, while supporting your immune system.

With all of its benefits, especially as an immune booster, increasing your vitamin C intake is a no brainer. Right now, your immune system needs to be as strong as possible. It needs to be armed with the vitamin C power of 6 oranges. But, who has the time (or desire) to peel and eat 6 oranges? Our Vitamin C Shots save you time, energy, and are 100% natural with no added sugars, unlike other vitamin C supplements with additives. And now, you can get 20 Vitamin C shots for only $69.99, just $3.49 a shot, which also saves you money. Shop now!