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What Plant-Based Foods Are Keto-Friendly?

What Plant-Based Foods Are Keto-Friendly?

Not sure what plant-based foods to eat on a low-carb or ketogenic diet?

No matter what type of diet plan you're on, your body needs plant-based nutrition! Any diet that is deficient in the micronutrients that can only come from fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds is NOT a healthy diet. But if you’re watching your carbohydrate intake, it can be a challenge to incorporate enough essential plant-based nutrition into your daily routine.

A ketogenic diet absolutely does not hinge on eating steak and cheese and bacon until you are skinny. Keto is about limiting your net carbohydrate values (Total carbs - Fiber = Net carbs) and getting the bulk of your daily caloric intake from healthy fats and protein. This can totally be accomplished without excluding nutrient-dense plant-based foods! 

Here are a few of the best plant-based foods to eat on any low-carb diet and their respective net carbs per 2 ounce or ¼ cup serving:

Load up your diet with these keto-friendly, plant-based fats:

  • Low-carb nuts & seeds/nut & seed butters (see list below!)

  • Avocado: 1

  • Coconut cream: 0.2

  • Extra virgin olive oil: 0

  • MCT oil:  0

  • Coconut oil: 0

  • Macadamia oil: 0

  • Avocado oil: 0

  • Almond oil:  0

  • Cocoa butter: 0

Nuts & seeds are rich sources of plant-based protein, good fats, and health-boosting minerals. Butters made from these nuts and seeds are also ideal. Here are a few the best options for a low-carb diet:

  • Pecans: 2.5

  • Macadamia nuts: 3

  • Brazil nuts: 2.4

  • Walnuts: 4

  • Hazelnuts: 4

  • Pumpkin seeds: 2.6

  • Hemp seeds: 2.8

  • Flax seeds: 1

Leafy green vegetables are an essential component of any healthy diet. They are highly nutritious, and luckily, they are low in carbohydrates too!

  • Kale: 3

  • Spinach: 0.8

  • Collard Greens: 0.8

  • Arugula: 1

  • Swiss Chard: 1.2

  • Bibb lettuce: 0.6

  • Romaine lettuce: 0.6

Besides leafy greens, what about other low-carb fruit and vegetables? PS: Although most fruits are too high in natural sugars to be eaten on a keto diet, there are certain exceptions. However, you should not binge on strawberries (for example) because although small portions are low in carbs, eating too many will kick you out of ketosis! 

  • Avocado (it's a fruit!): 1

  • Celery: 0.6

  • Cucumber: 1.8

  • Bell peppers: 3

  • Asparagus: 1

  • Cauliflower: 1.6

  • Mushrooms: 1.8

  • Brussels sprouts: 2.6

  • Radishes: 1

  • Chives: 1

  • Zucchini: 1.2

  • Artichoke: 3.6

  • Pumpkin: 3.6

  • Blackberries: 1.4

  • Raspberries: 3.2

  • Strawberries: 3.2

  • Lemon: 2.8