How to Get Healthy Meals Delivered: The Best Companies

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 You had the purest of intentions to make 2017 the year you transformed your eating habits for the better... but for one reason or another, find yourself failing to turn those healthy visions into your daily reality.

Or maybe you just kicked off your New Year's resolutions with a juice cleanse. You were thrilled with your results... but you're already struggling to keep them up. 

It's much easier to eat right and maintain your ideal weight when you don't have to stress about meal planning and grocery shopping. So we did some digging into how to get healthy meals delivered and which are best meal delivery companies. Once per week, these meal delivery companies ship the pre-portioned ingredients and recipes you need to make nutritious home-cooked meals with minimum prep time. Find the best meal plan to fit your lifestyle, simplify your life, and stay on track with your healthy resolutions! 

At-Home Meals Delivered and Made Simple with Recipes + Pre-Portioned Ingredients 

SUN BASKET delivers fresh ingredients “from the best farms to your table” including non-GMO local produce, grass-fed/antibiotic-free meats, and sustainable seafood (certified organic whenever possible). Each week, the menu offers 9 new nutritionist-approved recipes created by a top San Francisco chef. Recipes are made with a colorful variety of nutrient-dense produce and “globally-inspired flavors” plus whole grains, high–quality protein, and good fats.

The Healthy Meals Delivered Each Week Include: Your choice of 3 dinner recipes from that week's menu, or select one of their 5 meal plan options. Sun Basket's Meal plan options include paleo, gluten-free, and vegetarian (you'll receive 3 pre-selected meals per week). They also offer a “Rise & Shine” option for the same price as their other meal plans if you prefer to receive 2 healthy 5-minute breakfast recipes and only 2 dinner recipes. 

Cons: They lack vegan options. If you have a very serious food allergy, Sun Basket advises against using their service. Although they offer a gluten-free meal plan, they’re not necessarily safe if you have Celiac disease (all meals are prepared in the same facility). No delivery to AK, HI, KS, MN, MT, ND, NE, & SD.


  • $11.49 per serving
  • Delivery Cost: $5.99 per week
  • 2–person plan: $68.94/first week, $74.93 thereafter
  • 4–person plan: $137.88/first week, $143.87 thereafter
  • 3 free meals when you sign up*


BLUE APRON is for foodies and “home-chefs of all levels” who want to indulge in seasonally-inspired dinners made with fresh, natural ingredients. Recipes are on the hearty-savory side, and a major bonus: each is accompanied by a wine pairing suggestion (sign up for Blue Apron Wine and receive 6 bottles monthly, hand-selected to pair with what’s on the menu). Blue Apron’s website is full of helpful how-to tips, videos, and you can even order the kitchen tools you need straight from Blue Apron’s market. Delivery is offered nationwide to the contiguous United States.

The Healthy Meals Delivered Each Week Include: Either 3 recipes pre-portioned for 2 people, or family-style meals that feed 4 people (choose 2 or 4 meals per week). Blue Apron's menu offers 6 new dishes each week, and if you select the 2-Person Plan, you can specify which recipes you want to receive, opt for all vegetarian meals, or customize which types of protein you would like to receive weekly (otherwise you’ll get a mix of meat, seafood and poultry recipes).

Cons: Dietary preferences are not offered with the Family Plan. Not recommend if you have a food allergy, but all ingredient & allergen information is posted online in advance to help you select your meals.


  • Shipping is always free
  • 2-Person Plan: 3 pre-portioned recipes per week @ $9.99 per serving
    • Weekly total: $59.94
  • Family Plan: 2 or 4 Family-style meals @ $8.74 per serving
    • Weekly total: 2 meals for $69.92, 4 meals for $139.84
  • $30 off when you sign up


GREEN CHEF offers certified organic meals with an emphasis on nutritious, plant-based foods. This company’s most outstanding feature is that they tailor their 2-person meal plans to accommodate your particular lifestyle: omnivore, carnivore, gluten-free, vegan, paleo, or vegetarian. All of Green Chef's healthy recipes are crafted using a complex mix of colorful ingredients. Their food is somewhat  “cleaner” and is made with more plant-based ingredients than their competitors. Green Chef currently delivers to most of the United States.

The Healthy Meals Delivered Each Week Include: 3 dinner recipes pre-portioned for 2 people according to your selected dietary preference, or opt for 2 weekly meals to feed family of 4. Designed to appeal to both parents and kids, the family plan gives you the option to choose from either carnivore (meat or seafood) or omnivore (veggie, meat, or seafood) family-style selected-for-you meals.

Cons: The family meal plan doesn’t offer the same variety of lifestyle-specific meal plans, but these meals often do include components that are free of gluten, dairy, or meat. No delivery to Alaska, Hawaii, and parts of Wisconsin and Minnesota.


  • 2 to 4 free meals when you sign up
  • Shipping and handling is $9 per box.
  • 2-person meal plans: range from $10.49- $14.99 per meal, depending on which menu you select from
  • 4-person family plan: Omnivore- $11.99 per meal; Carnivore- $12.99 per meal

HELLO FRESH gives you balanced meals with a more traditional vibe. The Classic Meal plan is just that-  classic, straightforward meals made with the widest variety of wholesome ingredients including meat, fish, and vegetables. Hello Fresh’s Veggie meal plan has a more conventional feel when compared to vegetarian options offered by competitors. Their Veggie recipes do sometimes qualify as vegan, but often incorporate dairy ingredients. Hello Fresh's recipes seem to use a less diverse variety of produce ingredients than their competitors. Delivery is available across the continental USA.

The Healthy Meals Delivered Each Week Include: Each of Hello Fresh's 3 meal plan options give you with 3 meals per week. Select the Classic Plan or Veggie Plan (vegetarian) to serve either 2 or 4 adults, or choose the Family Plan and receive family-friendly meals designed to serve 2 adults and 2 children. The Classic Plan allows you to pick which recipes you want to receive from the 6 options offered on that week's menu. 

Cons: The Veggie and Family plans don't allow you to specify which meals you'll receive. The only special dietary requirement they offer is vegetarian (but you can omit or replace some ingredients, which always come separately packaged). 


  • $40 off your first meal
  • Free Shipping
  • Classic Plan- from $9.90 per meal
  • Veggie Plan- from $9.08 per meal
  • Family Plan- from $8.75 per meal

Written by Nicole Neuhaus

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