5 Healthy Sources of Plant-Based Protein

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Fun fact: Kale has more protein and iron than a piece of steak!

How is this possible? It’s easier for your body to break down and use plant protein!

Plant-based protein is bioavailable protein, meaning that it is readily usable and absorbable by our bodies because it is in its natural, unadulterated form. Whereas we may only be able to utilize a small percentage of the protein in a piece of meat (because it has been cooked, and the enzymes and vital nutrients denatured), we can and do utilize ALL the protein in a piece of kale.

Benefits of getting more of your protein from plants (and less from animal-based protein sources!):

  • Reduced bloating
  • Stay fuller longer
  • Decreased recovery time post-workout
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Build lean muscle more efficiently
  • More restful sleep
  • Improved mood
  • Clearer skin
  • Increased energy & more stable energy levels throughout the day

Whether you’re going vegan/vegetarian, easing into a juice cleanse, hoping to maintain your results post-cleanse, or are just seeking a more nutritious source of clean energy, these plant-based protein sources are excellent for your health and promoting weight loss! They're also good snack options if you are doing the Skinny Cleanse and need to add a little more fuel to your day. 

5 Superior Plant-Based Protein Sources

Leafy Greens 

They're a great source of protein and amino acids, but it's challenging to consume enough to meet your dietary needs. That’s the magic of drinking cold-pressed green juice: it easily maximizes the vital nutrients your body soaks up!

Hemp Seeds

Per gram, these tiny Superfood seeds provide more protein & iron than beef! They’re one of the most nutritionally complete foods in the world, giving you a healthy dose of the essential amino acids your body needs to function optimally. 

Raw Nuts

Protein, fiber, long-lasting energy, and good-for-you fats that actually promote weight loss! Nuts are excellent for heart health, increasing your brain power, and beautifying your hair/skin/nails. 

Chickpeas & Tahini

The 2 main ingredients in hummus, combined, make a complete protein! Hummus with fresh veggies always makes an awesome energy-boosting snack. It's super versatile and easy to make at home with a blender (add your favorite herbs and spices to mix it up). 


One cup contains the protein of 3 eggs! High in fiber and low in fat, studies have shown that eating these little legumes promotes a slimmer waist.

Fuel up on plant-based protein and slim down!

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