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NYC Vegan Fridays - POV

NYC Vegan Fridays - POV

NYC Mayor Eric Adams has announced a city-wide protocol that every public school will serve only vegan meal cafeteria options on Fridays.  This initiative is designed to encourage students to add more plant-based food choices to their diets, thus promoting better overall health and wellness.   

As a plant-based company grounded in Fueling Healthy Lifestyles, Raw Generation is 100% in support of Mayor Adams’ push towards making healthy vegan meal options accessible for all children.   Childhood obesity rates in the U.S. are tipping the scales with 1 in 3 children being overweight or obese (ref:, and as studies have proven, these adolescents are more likely to suffer with chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, & depression.  

The best way to support children in healthier eating is by giving them plenty of delicious options and plant-based replacements for standard dairy and meat-laden favorites.  Even consistently adding in just one or two better choices each day will render positive physical and emotional results. As an example, substituting Vanilla Cashew for milkshakes or Citrus Carrot for bottled juices replaces these sugary, nutrient-lacking drinks with vitamin and mineral-packed tasty treats that truly benefit their growing bodies and brains.  Getting in more plant-based goodness has never been easier! 

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