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Insomnia is cancelled. 

Insomnia is cancelled. 

Lately, with the additional stressors of this year, the number of people dealing with insomnia has reached an all time high. The need for a sleep aid is urgent. Current statistics show that one in four Americans suffer from insomnia. At Raw Generation, our experts devised a plan to make that number go down with our Wellness Sleep Shots. 

Here’s how our new Sleep Shots are going to help you get the best night sleep of your life: 

Melatonin for sleep

Melatonin is a hormone your body naturally produces to help you sleep. Our Sleep Shots contain 2 mg of this natural sleep aid.

This melatonin supplement gives you that extra nudge off to dreamland, without a “sleep hangover” typical drugstore sleep aids leave you with. 

We’re saying that with our melatonin sleep aid you’ll get a peaceful night’s sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed, not groggy. 

Sleep gamechanger: Kava kava 

We knew that as powerful as melatonin is, our Sleep Shots needed to have that extra serene factor, so we added kava kava, a medicinal root from the South Pacific, that is naturally calming. 

Not only will you feel more relaxed, but this incredible plant is known for soothing anxiety, and increasing emotional well-being and a positive mood. 

This superfood paired with melatonin in our Sleep Shots can help relax your body and mind before bed, while acting as a natural sleep aid and regulating your wake-sleep cycle and get you back on a healthy sleeping schedule. 

Sweet and antioxidant rich. 

You know that at Raw Generation, we never sacrifice flavor for nutrition. We believe things that are good for you should also taste good. We blended our Sleep Shots with antioxidant rich cold-pressed black currant and apple juice, making them the best sleep aid to help you drift deliciously into dreamland. 

It’s time for restful sleep to go from dream to reality. Get 20 Sleep shots, just $69.99. That's only $3.49 a shot. Order yours today!