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How to Keep Your Skin Glowing All Winter Long

How to Keep Your Skin Glowing All Winter Long

Winter can be a cruel mistress- especially to your skin. Sweat evaporates from the body faster in cold, dry weather, and you’re less likely to notice just how much water you’re losing. Cold weather can also reduce your thirst response, so you might not even recognize the signs of dehydration until it starts to show on the outside. 

When your hydration needs are neglected, it steals your glow! Chronic dehydration often shows up in the form of dreary lackluster skin, dry skin, flakiness, premature fine lines and wrinkles, and skin sagging. You can help prevent and reverse physical signs of dehydration and skin aging and boost your skin’s overall hydration by adding a collagen supplement into your diet! That being said, as you stockpile collagen Beauty Shots, don’t forget about the most simple beauty trick of them all this winter- stay hydrated! 

Not into drinking water? Here are some other ways to increase your body’s hydration level this winter:

  • Snack on raw fruits and vegetables. Some of the most hydrating options are cucumber, melon, citrus fruits, pineapple, celery, and berries. 🥒🍍🍊🍈

  • Help yourself to plenty of electrolyte-rich cold-pressed juice! Get creative and infuse your water with fresh fruit and herbs. We love mixing and matching mint, cucumber, blueberries, orange, lime, ginger, basil.🌿💧  

  • Start your day off with celery juice. ☀️⏰🥱

  • Sip on warm herbal teas. 🍵😊

  • Avoid things that cause dehydration like coffee, alcohol, soda, and tobacco. Toxins like alcohol and smoking also destroy vitamin C, which can lead to less collagen and duller, dry skin (and if you must indulge, don’t forget to replenish with a collagen supplement!). 🚭🛑

  • Pro-tips: If you need a caffeine fix, try our caffeinated Energy Shots or matcha tea. And if you are craving a cocktail, use cold-pressed juice as a mixer to offset the dehydrating effects of alcohol. ⚡️⚡️⚡️