How to Go Dairy-Free for the Holidays

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Dairy is one of the worst foods when it comes self-sabotage during the holiday season. Why?

Dairy has been linked to...

  • Acne breakouts
  • Digestive issues
  • Weakening hair and nails
  • Inflammation

It might not seem like the most obvious offender, but cutting out dairy can make a major difference in how you look and feel once the holidays are over.

Food and beverages with dairy can be some of the hardest things to avoid. It’s everywhere. The key to weaning yourself off is having alternatives that you actually enjoy. Cashew milk makes for an amazing replacement! It's a great source of protein, iron, healthy fats, and is a convenient source of junk-free energy on-the-go. Drink it straight out of the bottle, pour it over granola, and check out more delicious dairy-free tips for the holiday season below! 

Ditch the dairy and start 2018 on the right track!

Dairy-Free Holiday Life Hacks

Cream Your Coffee: If you usually put cream or milk in your coffee, swap it out for cashew milk. Try adding a teaspoon of virgin coconut oil for an even “creamier” consistency. Caffeine in combination with the good fats provided by coconut oil will give you an extra energy boost!

Have Some Hot Chocolate: Try this delicious dairy-free recipe!

Pre-Party Prep: Going to a holiday party? Drink a plant-based protein smoothie beforehand to satiate your appetite and curb overindulging!

Skip the Cheese Platter: ...and try this spreadable cashew cheese recipe! Craft your own fancy holiday spread by adding fresh herbs, dried fruit, roasted garlic, chives, chopped walnuts... The combinations are endless - get creative!

Treat Yourself: Cocktails? Try our Skinny White Russian recipe!

Stock up & stay on track!

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