Healthy Hangover Helpers

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Get a little too loco with the tequila, cervezas, and nachos and yesterday? Here are some tips to help you get over your hangover faster (without binging on greasy comfort foods)!

1. Rehydrate & restore balance to your body with green juice!

Hydration is crucial to overcoming hangover-hell. Rehydrate and replenish electrolytes with a raw cold-pressed green juice!

Not only does alcohol lack any nutritional value, but it also blocks the absorption and usage of important nutrients. Fresh green juice provides your body with the essential vitamins and minerals you need to feel better fast!

Green juice is highly alkalizing, helping to balance the body’s internal pH. When your body's pH is balanced, you feel energized, have fewer unhealthy food cravings, you let go of unwanted weight more easily, and you have an easier time bouncing back from a night of imbibing.

2. Eat a banana. Better yet- eat an avocado.

The fiber from these fruits will help get your overloaded GI tract moving, and you’ll replenish potassium which alcohol depletes. Although most people think of bananas as one of the most potassium-rich foods, avocados actually contain twice as much! Potassium also helps counteract the bloating effects of sodium-loaded foods.  

3. Shut down alcohol-induced junk cravings.

Ever notice how boozing and junk food cravings tend to go hand in hand?

As mentioned above, overindulging in alcohol depletes the body of vital micronutrients. A malnourished body yearns for foods that are energy dense... and fatty foods are the most energy dense! Plus, when you drink alcohol, it increases the body's production of a neuropeptide that makes you crave fatty, calorie-laden foods (neuropeptides = molecules that influence the body and brain).

The fix? Raw fruit and vegetable juices instantly supply your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs. When your body’s nutritional needs are satisfied, your cravings for fatty junk foods are likely to be vanquished.

Whether you drink a green juice before the party, sip on your own cold-pressed juice cocktail creation (see #4!), or get your juice in after the fun is over, you'll naturally have more self-control to resist gluttonous temptation.  

4. Next time, craft your own healthier cocktails!

Instead of sugary mixers, make your cocktails with fresh fruit and vegetable juice. You’ll save yourself the empty calories and defend your body against next-day regrets! Free of processed sugars, highly hydrating, and packed with replenishing electrolytes, raw cold-pressed juices are the ultimate defense against hangover.

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