Healthy Food Hangover Cures

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“When people tell me ‘You’re going to regret that in the morning’, I sleep in till noon because I’m a problem solver.”

Let’s be honest- you’re no Puritan. Sometimes you’re going to indulge (especially during the holidays).

Hangovers are commonly associated with drinking too much alcohol, but eating sugary, salty, fried, and fatty foods in excess can also leave you totally reeling with next-day regrets

When you wake up feeling sluggish, bloated, digestively destroyed, and just generally gross, you don’t need a lecture. You need a quick and healthy fix...

Healthy Hangover Cures

  • REHYDRATE with GREEN JUICE. Salty foods and alcohol deplete liquids from the body. Hydration is pivotal to overcoming hangover-hell.
  • EAT A BANANA. The fiber will help get your overloaded GI tract moving, and you’ll restore your body with potassium (which alcohol depletes!). Potassium will help counteract the bloating effects of sodium-loaded foods. 
  • Replenish electrolytes, fight inflammation, and heal your body with refreshing COLD-PRESSED JUICE.

Juice Your Hangover Away

Beauty & Brilliance: Orange juice is packed with vitamin C which reduces inflammation (and helps break down alcohol!); Ginger reduces nausea and calms digestive distress.

Heal & Hydrate: Cucumber juice helps soothe digestion and restores hydration to the body in a hurry. Pineapple juice helps to reduce the inflammation that unhealthy food and alcohol promote.

Energy & Endurance or Refresh & Revitalize: Leafy green juice replenishes your body with the essential vitamins and minerals you need to feel better fast!

Detoxify, burn fat, and get back on track in a flash...

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