Healthy Hangover Cures

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“When people tell me ‘You’re going to regret that in the morning’, I sleep in til noon because I’m a problem solver.”

Let’s be honest- you’re no Puritan. Sometimes you’re going to have a cocktail.

Or four.

You don’t need a lecture. You need a healthy fix. So here’s what to do if and when you gasp awake in need of a remedy...

Healthy Hangover Home Remedies

  • RE-HYDRATE! Alcohol depletes liquids from the body. Hydration is pivotal to overcoming the hell that is a hangover and also helps dilute any impurities remaining in your stomach from the night before. Coconut water is a great option for hydration because it is full of electrolytes.
  • GO BACK TO SLEEP. Alcohol decreases the quality of your sleep, so you’re probably sleep deprived from the night before.
  • Get some LIGHT EXERCISE- no need to “sweat it out” at the gym if you don’t feel up to it. Go for a long, leisurely walk outdoors. Oxygen helps alcohol breakdown faster, so breathing, meditation, and yoga are also helpful.
  • Settle your stomach with ginger.
  • EAT A BANANA (alcohol depletes potassium).
  • EAT ASPARAGUS. Asparagus helps the body break down alcohol.

Raw Generation juices that will help cure a hangover:

  • Slim & Strong: Beet juice cleanses your liver and helps metabolize all of the sugar in alcohol.
  • Beauty & Brilliance: Alcohol depletes your body of vitamin C. Orange juice is packed with vitamin C which reduces inflammation and helps break down alcohol; Ginger reduces nausea and calms digestive distress.
  • Heal & Hydrate: Cucumber juice helps soothe digestion and restores hydration to the body in a hurry. Pineapple juice helps reduce swelling and inflammation that alcohol promotes.
  • Energy & Endurance or Refresh & Revitalize: Leafy green juice replenishes minerals depleted from drinking. 

There’s no universal cure for a hangover because a hangover is, in reality, a combination of multiple ailments. Prevention is key. Hydrate while you dehydrate by alternating booze with water or club soda, and drink at least 8 ounces of water before you fall asleep. Avoid darker, hangover-intensifying drinks like red wine, whiskey, and beer and opt instead for white wine, vodka, or gin.

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