Is Gluten Making You Fat?

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Is the gluten-free movement a fad? Where did the barrage of people claiming gluten intolerance come from? When did sandwiches and pasta transform from everyday staples to the enemy?

    What even IS gluten? 

    Gluten is a protein composite that is found in many grains including wheat, rye, spelt, and barley.   

    Gluten = Inflammation = Weight Gain 

    The gluten protein is inflammatory to the gut and can cause damage to the intestinal wall over time, contributing to "leaky gut", bloating, weight gain, and fatigue.

    Beyond the gut, gluten can trigger inflammation in any tissue of the body. Why is that bad? Chronic inflammation is the root of looking and feeling like sh*t. It's at the root of basically every physical malady you don't want-  the inability to lose weight, digestive issues, skin conditions, low energy...  

    Need a few more reason to give up gluten? There's evidence that gluten blocks nutrient absorption... so all those healthy foods you're trying to eat aren't getting absorbed properly. It's also very acidifying to the body. When your internal body condition becomes overly acidic, the body tries to compensate by creating more fat cells to trap these acids... and you gain weight. 


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