Darlene's Pre-Wedding Skinny Cleanse Testimonial

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Every bride wants to look and feel her absolute best on her wedding day.

But just over a month away from her wedding, bride-to-be Darlene was overwhelmed with anxiety. She was overrun with fatigue and insomnia, and to make matters worse, her pre-wedding jitters were wreaking havoc on her diet (it’s not a coincidence that “stressed” is “desserts” spelled backward…).

With the big day rapidly approaching, Darlene was becoming increasingly concerned with her skin’s appearance, elevated stress levels, and lack of energy. She worried that she would look bloated in her wedding dress. All that weighing on her mind, she decided to try out a juice cleanse, opting for a 5-day Skinny Cleanse.

A newbie to juice cleansing, Darlene had her mind made up before she even began that giving up solid food in entirety for 5 full days was beyond her willpower. She decided to modify her cleanse by incorporating raw foods throughout each day.

Here’s how it went...

Each day, Darlene drank 4 juices, saving her extras for post-cleanse maintenance. What else did she eat? She snacked on berries, nuts, and various chopped vegetables in between drinking her juices throughout the day- always on an empty stomach.

Although Darlene didn’t do the Juice ‘til Dinner Cleanse specifically, she followed up her day of juicing with a plant-based salad for dinner each night.

(PS: You can still achieve awesome results with cold-pressed juice if you eat on your cleanse- raw foods are best!)

The first 3 days of the cleanse were smooth as could be. Day 4 was another story.

Full disclosure: On day 4, Darlene woke up like, “F*** this! This juice cleansing thing is NOT for me.”  

Nauseous, in a haze, and ready to give up, Darlene visited to search for information. She was startled to discover that every symptom that she was experiencing was detailed in our blog post: 9 Common Symptoms During a Cleanse.

Upon realizing that what she was feeling was normal, she decided to persevere, drink lots of water, and pay more attention to pre-cleanse preparation next time. Detox symptoms (or the lack thereof) are typically more or less intense depending on how toxic the body is. Proper preparation can make a tremendous difference in how you feel throughout a juice cleanse.

Waking up on day 5, Darlene felt fantastic and was SO GLAD that she didn’t give up!

(Learn more about how to properly prepare for a juice cleanse here!)

(...And why preparation is so important here!)

Her results?

Darlene lost 3 pounds and her skin is GLOWING!

The other transformation she noticed upon completing her cleanse? She was charged with energy and felt an incredible sense of mental clarity! Suddenly seating charts didn’t seem so overwhelming anymore.

The final wedding dress fitting was a couple of days after Darlene’s cleanse was complete. She's thrilled at how much the dress has to be taken in as a result of her banished bloating and weight loss!

Darlene has been drinking juice daily to keep up her results and plans to do another Skinny Cleanse before the big day. She can’t wait to bring her favorite Raw Generation juices to her bachelorette party to make hangover-free cocktails!

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