A Simple Guide to Getting into an Alkaline State

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Everything we eat is either alkaline or acidic to our bodies’ pH. In order to maintain weight loss and good health, it’s essential that you eat a consistent diet of alkalizing foods. Your body is always working hard to support homeostasis and yearns to maintain an alkaline state.

Unfortunately, things like pollution, stress, and the typical American diet trigger acidity and force your body to work even harder (think meat, cheese, sugar, bread, processed foods, and alcohol…)! If there's an excess of acidity present, your body compensates by leaching alkaline minerals from other parts of your body.

Why should it matter to you? Mineral deficiency instigates weight gain, fatigue, premature aging, less-than-lovely hair/skin/nails, and muscle weakness... among many other unwelcome ailments. So how do you incorporate the right foods into your diet on a long-term basis without totally overhauling your life?

Here are some simple tips for getting your body into a healthy alkaline state... and keeping it there!


ALL raw fruits and vegetables are alkaline, so keep your home stocked up on whatever your favorites are to snack on- whether that be fresh berries, sliced bell peppers, avocado, fresh melon...whatever you like! Keep in mind: the greater the variety, the better. 

Make sure your fruit and vegetables are ripe when you eat them. Why? Ripe produce is more nutritious and full of more antioxidants!

All cooked foods are acidic, especially animal products. Cooked chicken, steak, fish, cheese, and dairy foods are very, very acidifying. You don’t have to cut those foods out completely (unless you want to), but if you're going to eat them, try to have something alkalizing along with it. For example, add diced raw vegetables to your gluten-free pasta! Steak dinner? Have a kale salad on the side. Etc...

Get Your Greens In.

Dark, leafy greens like kale, spinach, and collards are the absolute best thing in the world for promoting alkalinity in your body. Regardless of what you're doing to lose weight and get healthy, if you do not eat greens every day, you're going to struggle more than you have to.

Does eating one or more servings of greens daily sound like torture? Here are some ways to sneak more chlorophyll into your system…

  • Stock up on green juice and incorporate at least one into your daily routine 
  • Swap out your iceberg or romaine lettuce for chopped kale or spinach
  • Use collard green leaves to make wraps instead of tortillas/pitas/bread
  • Finely dice your favorite greens and fold them into your favorite dinner entrees (like quinoa bowls, whole grain pasta and rice dishes, casseroles, or even as a healthy pizza topping).

Make Simple Everyday Swaps.

Take small, consistent steps. It’s not all about making a massive change that will upturn your entire life.There are lots of subtle things you can alter in your daily routine that will add up to a big difference in the long run.

For example….

Replace dairy milk with plant-based alternatives like coconut, hemp, and almond.

Trade your butter for creamy avocado!

Drink less alcohol (if you are a social butterfly try limiting it to Friday and Saturday nights) and check out these alcohol-free stress relievers!

Instead of drinking it straight, squeeze lemon or lime in your drinking water.

The devil is in the details! Trade potatoes for sweet potatoes, sugar for stevia, coffee for matcha tea, pasta and white rice for quinoa, soda and processed juice for cold-pressed juice...

Ready to get alkaline?

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