Debunking Bad Advice PART 3

Before you do a juice cleanse, do you need to get a second opinion from a medical professional? Can you workout during a cleanse? We're getting to the bottom of it!
Last but not least... 2 more bad tips people are giving out to prospective cleansers.



Unless you have a medical issue and are consulting your physician, I would advise against getting a second opinion. Most of the time the people around you are not going to understand why you want to do a juice cleanse and will either try to talk you out of it, put it down, or straight out make you feel bad for wanting to do one. These people and their bad opinions should be avoided like the plague. 

Remember... opinions are like a**holes; everyone has one and most of them stink.

You have your reasons for wanting to do a juice cleanse, which may seem ridiculous or extreme to some people, but it doesn't matter. YOU matter, and if doing a juice cleanse will make you feel better then you should do it regardless of what others say. If you try it and it doesn't work for you, then at least you tried it, can cross it off your list, and look for something else that will give you the results you're looking for. 


While running a marathon during a juice cleanse is not advised... some activities are perfectly suited. Our motto is keep it low key. We suggest light intensity workouts like yoga, walking, and swimming. Getting your body moving is super beneficial, even if you aren't breaking a sweat, and many people seem to fair well by taking a yoga class or going for a brisk walk while sipping their 6 juices a day.

Workout mavens beware... here comes a personal story about pushing yourself too hard on a juice cleanse.

The first juice cleanse I ever did was earlier in 2013, which was motivated by the fact that I was going to be making and selling them so figured I should probably know my product before I speak about how great it is ;) I wanted results. So, in addition to the 3-day juice cleanse, I thought I would give myself a "healthy" push and do hot yoga twice during the 3-day juice cleanse. The first hot yoga class was on day 1, which I was fine with. Day 2 I ran a mile, lifted a little, and stretched.

On day 3 I took another hot yoga class and almost passed out, literally. I had been feeling extremely hungry that day, to begin with (which I know now is a common symptom on day 3 that can be relieved by eating raw fruit and drinking lots of water throughout the cleanse) but I pushed through. Big mistake! I couldn't make it through all 26 poses and ended up laying down for the last 20 minutes trying to catch my breath. At the end, I sat up and almost passed out. Then I tried standing up and SERIOUSLY almost passed out. I had to sit down, slowly breathing, and drinking water for about 10 minutes until I could regain enough composure to get myself out of there without fainting and freaking everyone out. 

...So Should You Workout During a Juice Cleanse?

During a Skinny Cleanse, you are consuming quite a bit fewer calories than normal so you need to take it easy on your body. It is common to think you can push yourself the way you normally do, but you need to give yourself a break when on a juice cleanse. 

While we don't recommend you glue yourself to your couch, we do advise that you do a low-intensity form of physical activity. Walking, yoga (not hot!), swimming, and Pilates are all good forms of light workouts. 

If you prefer not to take time off from your regular fitness routine but still would like to cleanse your body, we've designed the Protein Cleanse for you! With this cleanse, you get the fuel you need to keep exercising throughout. 

Written by Jessica Rosen, Raw Generation's Co-Founder & Certified Holistic Health Coach