A Note to Our Critics

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We often get criticized because of the fact that we are a raw food company that sells weight loss products. Our critics say we should be spreading the healthy food, healthy life message instead of the lose weight message. I have a few thoughts on this...

First off, I gained weight in college and struggled to lose it after graduation. Before I was interested in becoming healthy, I wanted more than anything to lose weight. I tried the typical no fat, Lean Cuisine route with no success. It wasn't until I started incorporating raw foods and juices into larger portions of my diet that I started to see results. It seems that the more juice I add in, the easier it is to shed the extra lbs. I believe that many people are looking for a solution to their weight loss goals and if we can get our products in their hands and get them results then maybe they will see the value of eating healthier.

Be Your Own Version of "Skinny"

Secondly, when we use the word "skinny" it may have a negative connotation to some like we are trying to get everyone to be emaciated stick figures. FAR FROM IT!  We want everyone to be their own version of skinny. On the scale of anorexic to obese, I would categorize myself as slightly thinner than average, but I still have some cushin' for the pushin'. And I like it that way. I have an ass, and a little boobage, and my stomach is a little soft (for lack of a better word), but I'm healthy and happy and that's all that matters. Plus, I just keep telling myself that when I'm 80 years old and wrinkly I will look back and think I was a supermodel. 

So wherever you are on the scale of "skinny" is perfect, as long as you are happy in your body. We want to promote weight loss because it is a huge problem for a lot of people and in the long run carrying around extra weight leads to many health problems. 

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