How Long Should You Juice For?

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When we juice cleanse, what we are essentially doing is eliminating the amount of work our body has to do to catch up and function at its best. Instead of focusing all its energy on digesting your food, it can focus on repairing cells, giving you energy, and functioning optimally.

So, how long should you do a juice cleanse for? You may want to consider starting with a shorter cleanse and working your way up. At the end of the day, you know yourself best! Here are a few options...

Stage One (approximately day 1 to day 2 of the juice cleanse)

The first stage of the juice fast diet is the most intense. The body feels extreme hunger and weakness at this stage. The body’s blood sugar is seen to fall to a level of below 70 mg/dL, and the body compensates for this by slowing down the heart's rate and lowering blood pressure. This may result in a feeling light-headed and experiencing nausea at times. Blood enters a state of ketosis therefore bad breath may occur.

Stage Two (approximately day 3 to day 7)

During this stage, the body begins to adapt to the juice fasting. The positive effects start to emerge including fat breakdown, rejuvenation of the immune system, repair and cleansing of the colons, and suppression of feeling hungry. 

Stage Three (approximately day 8 to 15)

In this stage, the body experiences heightened mental clarity, increased energy, and a boost to the immune system, leading to quicker healing processes. However, various side effects begin to surface at this stage such as cankers or mouth sores, muscle pain, and pain from other chronic wound sites.

Stage Four (approximately day 16 to 30)

Only extreme and experienced fasters are able to achieve this stage of a juice cleanse. By this stage, the body has completely embraced the juice fasting. The mind has been affected, leaving the person in a heightened state of mental and emotional clarity. Juice cleansing for this long has the ability to profoundly heal because of the body's homeostatic levels being balanced at maintained at optimum level.

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