Our Obsession with Protein

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It seems these days that everyone is obsessed with getting "enough" protein. Protein powders, shakes, smoothies, bars, supplements, yada, yada. There are a million and one options to get more protein. Protein in every meal, everyday.

Is it really necessary?

No! (In my humble opinion

From what I have read about how we would have eaten a hundred or so years ago, we would have had a high raw diet (depending on what region you come from) that was heavy in leafy greens. People would eat with the season and typically would reserve the high protein foods for the late fall and winter months. This what when they would have to eat the animals because nothing was growing. The rest of the year they ate what they grew or foraged.

Obviously, foraging for our food is out of the question for 99.9% of Americans. However, we can use the same principle using the abundance of options we have today.

And here's the sneaky piece of information that most people don't consider.... all fruits and vegetables contain protein, just in varying amounts. 

Want to know what food group actually is high in protein? Leafy greens!

Leafy Green Protein Sources

  • Spinach- 30% protein
  • Kale- 16% protein
  • Collards- 20% protein
  • Swiss Chard- 23% protein

Which means.... our green juices can actually be considered protein drinks because each bottle contains 50% leafy green vegetable juice.  So if you are one of those who feel better with a high protein diet, but want to get more fruits and veggies into your daily diet, our Skinny Cleanse and green juices are perfect for you! 

Half of our Skinny Cleanse consists our green juice blend so when someone says juice cleanses are no good because they are all carbs, you can say... nope you're wrong! Juices are the exact type of carbs our bodies need.


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