The Dress Doesn't Fit

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So, I bought this dress for a wedding I am going to in a week and it is too tight. Like, uncomfortably too tight. I usually don't order clothes online for this reason, but I was IN LOVE with this particular dress. So, now I am in serious I-NEED-TO-DO-A-JUICE-CLEANSE-MODE. I tried the dress on earlier this week (right after the Superbowl unfortunately) and decided that I had just under 2 weeks and it was doable. 

For those of you who have been or are anticipating being in the same boat, it's really quite simple to drop a few pounds even if you only have 3 or 4 days. Here are a couple different options...

Last-Minute Tips to Make the Dress Fit:


For the first 2 days eat light and healthy foods (fruit, vegetables, salads w/ healthy salad dressings, non-creamy soups), then do a 3-day juice cleanse, then 2 more days of eating light and healthy.


For 1 week work out and eat lighter than usual (fruit, vegetables, salads w/ healthy salad dressings, non-creamy soups) with a few green juices a day. The 2nd week do a 3-6 day juice cleanse, and the remainder of the days after your juice cleanse are light eating days (same as before your cleanse). 


You can slim down quick by just doing a juice cleanse for 3 days. I've been able to lose 5 lbs and slim down in the tummy area by an inch or two in just 3 days. (*results vary and are not guaranteed). During your cleanse make sure to drink lots of water in addition to your 6 juices per day. The water will help your body flush out everything that is making you puffy and bloated.

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