Is Juicing Here to Stay?

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Juicing is apparently the new thing in the health world and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon for various reasons. But is it just another fad that will be replaced by the next new thing? I hope not for several reasons. 

First... the United States is getting fatter by the minute. I could ramble on about why this is happening for 3 days, but here's the gist of it... the majority of the foods that most of us are eating come from a few crops: corn and soy. Almost everything in the middle of the grocery store is processed and preserved, which is where most people fill their carts from. Meat and cheese fill the majority of people's plates, along with some sort of bread product. 

Second... the United States is getting sicker by the minute. Statistically half of Americans will die from heart disease, and if that doesn't get you then cancer will. People are getting sick younger and younger, and get this... this next generation of children is predicted to die before their parents do. If that doesn't scare you, I don't know what will. 

It is my opinion that we have reached and surpassed the tipping point. 

But, for every problem, there is a solution. I believe that juicing is part of that solution. Juicing works to solve sickness and weight issues because it floods the body with real, concentrated nutrition that most of us are starving for. 

Why Juicing Works

Let's take the issue of weightloss and juicing. Whether you eat 600 calories or 3000 calories a day, if you are eating foods that are nutritionally void (as most of us are) your body thinks it's starving and it will hold onto fat. Calories do not = nutrition. They are two completely different things and our bodies know the difference between food that comes from the ground and food that comes from a factory. 

Once you start eating fresh food (or juices) and your body gets the nutrition it needs, excess weight starts to drop off. Why? Because your body thinks the famine is over so it starts to burn it's stored energy (fat) to perform all the functions it now has the ability to do. 

Now let's take the issue of sickness and disease. Your immune system is your protection against sickness and disease. When your immune system is inundated with chemicals in the over-processed and preserved food it has to work overtime to figure out what is what and how it should be used. This doesn't allow the immune system to get to the rest of the body to fight cancerous cells, or viruses, or anything else threatening your health. Read any label and I guarantee there are at least a handful of ingredients you can't pronounce and have no clue as to what it actually is. That is because most of what Americans eat is not food but "food-like products". 

What we should be eating is lots of plants. Fruits, vegetables, even whole grains. But what we should be eating and what we are eating are light years away from each other. This is where juicing can play an important part. The point of juicing is to condense the nutrients found in each plant. It is the same concept as taking a vitamin. 

The vitamin industry has led everyone to believe that taking a pill can replace eating real food. If that were the case, Americans would be getting healthier. Right?

Drinking fresh juices does what the vitamin industry wishes their pills did. Most of the nutrition found in fruits and vegetables is found in the juice. If you were to eat the whole plant, you would be eating constantly to get the same nutrition as you can if you just drink the juice. 

So I hope that juicing sticks around. There are a lot of overweight people who are actually starving. I would love it if juices could help them regain their health. That is my goal in providing fresh juices. 

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