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5 Steps to The Perfect Morning Routine

5 Steps to The Perfect Morning Routine

We are creatures of habit. Developing healthy habits and executing them consistently can is key to having more energy and thriving (instead of just surviving). How you start your morning usually sets the tone for how the rest of your day goes.

If you wake up and immediately look at your phone, you will start your day anxious and in a rush. If you wake up feeling calm, refreshed, and clear-headed you're bound to have a much more productive day.

Everyone’s morning routine will vary, but I thought I’d give you some insight into my own morning routine, and perhaps you can pick and choose parts to create your own!

A Morning Routine for More Energy & Productivity:

1. Wake Up

  • brush teeth, floss, and tongue scrape

  • drink water with lemon and raw apple cider vinegar (I put this by my sink the night before)

2. Workout

  • yoga, walking, running, lifting weights, interval training (you choose!)

  • more water during and after

3. Shower & Coconut Oil Massage 

4. Breakfast 

5. Sit at Desk (with water) & Meditate 

  • 10 minute guided meditation (there are great apps for this)

  • Plan my week

  • Start working!

In Conclusion...

The most important thing is that you pick and choose the things that you think will help you get energized in the morning. You don't have to do all of this.

Also keep in mind, what needs to be in place to ensure you follow through with a healthy morning routine? Do you need to go to bed by a certain time the night before? Do you need to prepare your smoothie prior? Do you need to make sure your fridge is stocked? Or maybe that your gym clothes are laid out?

Hope you have a great day!