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Why Do We Do What We Do?

Why Do We Do What We Do?

Everyone is short on time and long on things to do. Which is why, I guess, it is so hard for so many people to build healthy habits and stick to them (myself included). People complain that in order to eat healthily it takes a lot of time. That may be true, but we live in the land of convenience (hence a convenience store/fast food joint/coffee shop on almost every corner). Instead of succumbing to the disasters of the drive-thru why not find healthy conveniences that you can keep at home and take with you? 

We Make Cold-Pressed Juice Convenient.

This is our goal. One of the most important things to myself, and us as a company, is that we provide healthy and convenient food, for people who don't have the time but want all the benefits of juicing. That is the reason we started Raw Generation. My father, and co-founder, was looking for someone who sells leafy green vegetable juices. He couldn't find anything and thought if he was searching for it, others were too. And I bet you are, otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this! 

We are taking the "I don't have time" out of the equation. So start 1 healthy habit today and have us do all the dirty work so you can enjoy your fresh juices every day.