1 Simple Change for Effortless Weight Loss

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While changing my diet over the past 2 years I have seen my weight drop almost effortlessly. For years I had been struggling to lose weight and always found it incredibly hard. I just couldn't work out enough to counter what I was eating. Back then I would count calories, eat frozen weight loss dinners, buy low fat/no fat foods, and stress out about not working out enough. Little did I know that if I just altered the foods I ate, the weight would fall off with little to no working out. 

My father had the same experience, except more profound because he chose to go 100% raw. During the months of November and December 2011 he ate 100% raw foods, and in that time lost 50 pounds with no working out. Every day he would come into the office and tell me he had dropped another pound or so. It was really amazing because though I had been losing weight, my transition was much slower than his which I attribute to the fact that he was eating 100% raw and I was eating only partially raw. 

Eat More Raw, Lose More Weight!

The more raw fruits and vegetables you eat, the easier it will be to lose weight. I had heard this said before by many people in the raw food world, but I didn't fully believe it myself until I saw my father's results. My theory on why people lose weight when they eat 100% raw or even a high raw diet is simple:

Whether you are eating 200 calories and actually starving yourself or eating 2000 calories of nutritionally devoid foods, your body thinks it is starving in turn holding onto fat. The reason your body holds onto fat when it thinks it is starving is because fat is burned by your body for energy. If your body senses a famine (real or just because it is not getting real nutrition) it holds onto fat. 

When you feed yourself food that has not been cooked or processed the nutrition is intact and usable by the body. When the body senses it is getting all of the nutrients it needs it thinks the famine is over and it doesn't need the fat anymore. It is willing to let it go. 

The 1 simple change for effortless weight loss? The more raw fruits, vegetables we consume and thus the less processed foods, the easier it is to lose weight. This goes for juicing as well. The more consistently I drink fresh juice the more I lose weight and the easier it is to maintain my weight.

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