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4 Reasons You Need Juice

4 Reasons You Need Juice

 There are 4 reasons I drink green juices just about every day (and one of them isn't because I own the company). I started out a few years back making small changes to my diet because I was afraid that, with cancer running on both sides of my family, I would one day be faced with a deadly diagnosis.

Little by little I made improvements, added in better foods, eliminated processed junk. Eventually, I became aware of the health benefits of raw foods and tried going ALL raw. This, unfortunately, did not agree with me. At that time we were heading into winter, and I am a cold person to begin with... eating a cold diet, in a cold time of year. I was freezing. So I went back to eating a whole foods diet with soups, stews, and foods that would warm me up. 

A few months later when the weather was warming up, I was ready to try going 100% raw again. I started with heavier nut-based raw foods, some salads, and fruit. While I was successful at increasing the amount of raw, it did nothing to improve my crippling PMS symptoms. 

Around the same time, my father and I were starting to develop Raw Generation Juices, testing out recipes, and drinking a lot of green juice. Lo and behold, after about a week and a half of drinking green juice, my PMS got at least 50% better. To test it out, I alternated drinking the juice with not drinking the juice for the next few months.

This is what happened the months that I drank juice vs. when I didn't: 

  • My PMS got at least 50% better. I went from being bedridden with cramps and fatigue to feeling mostly normal with mild cramps and virtually no fatigue. SUCCESS! 
  • My skin cleared up quickly. I used to get acne every month. When I drink green juice regularly, it clears up within a few days.
  • I lost weight without spending a lot of time working out. 
  • And last but not least... I have way more energy when I drink fresh juice every day! I love coffee, but the caffeine ends up doing more damage than good. Not so with fresh juice! One juice in the morning keeps my energy levels steady all day. If I'm having a particularly taxing day and feel like I need an extra boost in the afternoon, I just drink another fresh juice.

The healing properties of green leafy vegetables are numerous. Whatever it is that is ailing you, consuming more dark greens will help. It worked for me, it can work for you too!