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5 Wellness Tips to Slay the Mommy Game

5 Wellness Tips to Slay the Mommy Game

Okay, so full disclosure: I’m not a mom (unless you count cat mom). As one of the last standing cat collecting spinsters in my circle, I had to do some digging to gain insight on how moms do what they do and still make time to take care of themselves. So I summoned some of my offspring-owning friends who are slaying the mommy game while also sustaining a health-conscious lifestyle and asked, “What’s your secret?”

Here’s some of their best advice:

1. Set attainable goals for yourself.

Keyword: Attainable! Break your healthy goals down into bite-sized pieces. Keep a running list of your goals and check off your accomplishments each time, no matter how small they may seem. 

It can be as small as drinking your daily recommended water intake, having one green juice every day for a week, doing ten push-ups, going 24 hours without refined sugar - whatever it is, write it down and keep track of your progress! Psychological studies have found that when you keep a concrete tally of your successes, it majorly helps boost your motivation to take on the next challenge.

2. Stock your freezer with cold-pressed juices and smoothies.

Struggle to eat healthy amidst your hectic schedule? Stock your freezer with cold-pressed juices and smoothies! It's an easy way to get more fruits and vegetables into both your diet and your family’s.

Raw Generation juices and smoothies stay fresh frozen for up to 6 months which means there's no pressure or rush to consume them. Put them in the fridge the day before to start thawing and they'll be ready to grab and go on your schedule!

3. Sacrifice the sugar (but not the sweets)!

No matter who you are or what your health is like, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving up refined sugar!

Refined sugar has a very different effect on your body than the natural sugars found in fresh fruit. When your diet is laden with refined sugar, your blood sugar is on a rollercoaster of highs and lows that make your energy spike and then crash, leading to cravings for even more sugar. This vicious cycle takes a toll on your sleep, your mood, your mental clarity, and makes you that much more likely to be irritable and snap at your kids.  

...But deprivation also isn’t the answer. Word on the street is that Mom life is the hardest job there is, and sometimes you just need to treat yo’self. If you have a sweet tooth, try satisfying it with fresh fruit or a sweet and creamy protein smoothie instead.

 Check out the desserts on our blog for more healthy refined-sugar-free inspo!

4. Energize with green juice.

Sleep deprivation, chronic exhaustion, and motherhood tend to be synonymous… and chugging serving after serving of caffeine isn’t necessarily the best solution. Give your body the nutrients it needs to produce more energy naturally. One of the absolute best ways to do that- especially as a busy mom- is to make green juice part of your daily routine.

5. “Think of the children! Won’t somebody please think of the children?”

If you feel like, “Who do I need to impress at this point?”, my mommy friend Rebecca made an excellent point: “Being a mom should be the biggest motivator to stay healthy because your kids will mirror everything you do,” (check out her awesome blog at!).

Your kids are watching, soaking up, and imitating every little thing that you do. The example you set is far more powerful than telling your kids how to behave.

Lasting habits and psychological patterns are set in stone in the early years of life, as kids observe and mirror their parents' behavior. If you make your own health a priority, your kids are more likely to develop healthy habits themselves. If you have an unhealthy, self-punitive relationship with food, your kids are more likely to adopt similar attitudes as they grow. So, yeah- think of the children!