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4 Reasons Why You’ll Love Our Energy Shots

4 Reasons Why You’ll Love Our Energy Shots

We get that energy is hard to come by. So, we tackled that need for more with our Energy Wellness Shot. These shots contain cold-pressed juices, superfoods and natural caffeine that will add a pep to your step, without the added sugar or jitters typical energy drinks offer.

Is it liquid gold? We think so. This extra boost is perfect alongside your breakfast, as a quick pick-me-up during midday, or for the late afternoon when you know coffee is a very bad idea. 

Here are 4 reasons why our Energy Shots have the boost you’ve been looking for:


 #1  They contain the perfect amount of caffeine. 

With 45mg of caffeine and ginseng, an adaptogen known for its impressive ability to combat fatigue, our Energy Shots equals half a cup of coffee, or one cup of green tea. 

No jacked-up amounts like a typical energy drink. We’re talking lasting energy without the jitters or sugar crash. 


 #2  They alkalize your body.

Did you know that coffee and sugary or artificially sweetened energy drinks are acidifying to the body which can sabotage your body’s internal pH? 

An overly acidic internal pH is a major trigger for chronic fatigue which, in turn, makes you reach for more and more coffee and energy drinks. This is a cycle of madness that we aimed to break with our Energy shot

Unlike typical energy drinks, our shots are made with a combination of cold-pressed apple, lime, and ginger juices which help promote an alkaline environment in the body. Alkalized = more energy. 


 #3  They improve focus and cognition.

We already told you about this powerful adaptogen’s ability to knock out fatigue, but did you know that ginseng also improves brain function, boosts focus, and regulates immune responses and hormonal changes due to stress. Talk about a superfood that knows how to multitask!


 #4  They taste really good!

At Raw Generation, we are all about nutritional and flavorful products. In making our Wellness Shots, specifically with Energy, we wanted to give you an energy fix that tastes amazing without added sugars or preservatives. 

Not to brag, but after trying our delicious shot, you’ll never give a standard energy drink the time of day again, and may even put your coffee pot out of commission.