3 Weight Loss Secrets that Might Surprise You

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Got weight loss goals? We’re all well aware of the age-old wisdom to “eat right and exercise”, but there are some not-so-obvious things you can do to boost your results that might not be on your radar!


Exercise is essential and helps to combat stress, but it is critical that you take time to unwind and ease your mind. When we’re overly stressed out we release excess cortisol which tells our body to store more fat! Cortisol also increases your appetite and triggers sugar cravings, so… chill out!

Meditation and yoga are excellent stress-managers, but not everyone is able to turn off their racing mind so effortlessly. If this sounds like you, check out our Skinny Girl’s Guide to Unwinding!

2. Eat alkaline! 

Everything we eat is either alkaline or acidic to our bodies’ pH. In order to look and feel our best, we need a constant supply of alkaline forming foods. 

When you consume an excess of acid-producers (such as dairy, alcohol, grains with gluten, meat, and processed foods) your body adapts by storing excess acid in fatty tissue. That's when you start to feel miserable and gain unwanted weight. A hostile internal environment is also a trigger for chronic inflammation, and this can affect the body’s ability to regulate appetite and metabolism, further sabotaging your weight loss ambitions.

In order to obtain a healthy internal balance (a.k.a. homeostasis), you must incorporate alkalizing foods into your diet every day.

All raw foods are alkalizing, but these are a few of the MOST alkaline foods:

  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Cucumber
  • Celery
  • Avocado
  • Bell pepper
  • Broccoli

One of the absolute BEST ways to rapidly and effectively alkalize your body is to do a juice cleanse due to the rich concentration of highly absorbable raw nutrition!

3. Get more of your protein from plants.

Plant protein is less acidic to your body than animal sources of protein like meat and dairy, and as mentioned above, an acidic internal state is NOT conducive to your weight loss goals. Recent studies have concluded that diets with a higher plant-based content are the most effective for promoting weight loss.

Plant-based protein is bioavailable protein, meaning that it is readily usable and absorbable by our bodies because it is in its natural, unadulterated form. Kale actually provides more protein than a steak! Whereas we may only be able to utilize a small percentage of the protein in a piece of meat (because it has been cooked, and the enzymes and vital nutrients denatured), we can and do utilize ALL the protein in a piece of kale.

Animal protein sources are also more strenuous on your digestive system. The harder your digestive system has to work, the more sluggish you will feel and the less energy you’ll have to spare for healthy physical activity!

It’s important to eat a VARIETY of different plant protein so as to obtain all of the amino acids that your body needs. Most plant protein sources must be eaten in combination in order to have a complete amino acid profile. For example, chickpeas and tahini are incomplete by themselves, but together they make a complete protein. Have some hummus!

Here are some more tips on getting your protein from plants! 

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