3 Healthy Swaps That Fight Fatigue

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Chronic sluggishness and brain fog are often made worse by the quick fixes we grab to mask the problem. Here are 3 healthy swaps that will give you a quick burst of energy AND help fight the root causes of fatigue in the long run!

1. Swap out your afternoon coffee or energy drink for green juice.

Fight back against one of the most common contributors to chronic fatigue: nutrient deficiency! Give your body the nutrition that it needs and you’ll be able to shake that sluggish feeling without reaching for caffeinated beverages (that will keep you up all night!).

Leafy green juices are packed with an extremely rich dose of vitamins, minerals, and complete proteins your body needs every day to produce energy naturally. Green juices provide an instant natural energy boost, help you feel energized all day, and even cut unhealthy cravings for food that contributes to fatigue (like fatty, sugary, processed, and artificial foods!).

Get your daily dose of greens in our Energy & Endurance juice, Refresh & Revitalize juice, or get both flavors in the Skinny Cleanse!

2. Swap out protein energy bars for plant-based protein smoothies.

Most mainstream protein energy bars are basically glorified candy bars. They’re packed with artificial ingredients and refined sugar that will skyrocket your blood sugar... and then make it crash. And your energy levels will do the same.

Plant-based protein from nuts and superfood seeds provides sustained clean energy that will help you stay fuller longer, and-  unlike a sugary protein bar-support healthy weight loss!

With all 9 essential amino acids, our energizing Vitality & Vibrance hemp protein will fuel your active body and reduce sugar cravings. Our Satisfy & Sustain cashew milk protein smoothie will make your sweet tooth happy and can help increase levels of mood-boosting serotonin! Or indulge your peanut butter cravings with clean, plant-based protein from our Trim & Tone protein smoothie. 

Get all 3 flavors in the Protein Cleanse!

3. Swap out sugary sports drinks for any raw juice!

Dehydration is often the root cause of fatigue. However, most sports drinks are loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients which toxify your body and actually contribute to the root causes of chronic fatigue in the long run.

Raw fruit and vegetable juices are a superior hydration source due to their concentrated vitamin, mineral, and enzyme content. Remember: when you give your body the essential nutrients it craves, it produces more energy naturally!

 Instead of sugary sports drinks, why not rejuvenate your body with a Heal & Hydrate juice? This lightly sweet, refreshing blend of aloe vera cucumber and pineapple juices will rapidly do for your body just what its namesake states!

Ready to boost your energy, banish brain fog, and burn fat?



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