Break Up with Captain Morgan!

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Research shows us that it’s a good idea to drink less alcohol for better health. However on occasion, when we wake up in the morning after a night of one too many, we don’t need research to show us why that’s a good idea. 












Drinking too much alcohol has several short-term effects such as slurring speech and falling down stairs because, after your 4th vodka, you swear someone moved your basement. Alcohol can also have more serious, long-term effects, including loss of brain cells, liver failure, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, and certain types of cancer, epilepsy, nerve damage, and heart failure.

As inviting as that all sounds, I’ll pass, thank you very much. There are so many healthy beverage choices you can make other than cuddling up with Captain Morgan and let’s face it, you just can’t play beer pong forever. Even though alcohol usually takes center stage at social gatherings and holidays, there are plenty of options that help in cutting down on your consumption of alcohol.







 Base Fruit 100% Fruit Juice Garnish
Club Soda Melon Cherry  Orange slices
Seltzer Water Strawberries Mango Fresh fruit wedge
Sparkling Water Citris Apple (or sparkling soda) Berries

Cool brewed tea




Tomato or vegetable

Fresh Mint

Apricot Celery Stalk


Cutting down on alcohol will not only improve your health, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy the other people at the party who have been drinking alcohol when they try and do the Macarena or fall asleep with their cheek pressed against the toilet cover. See... the list of benefits goes on and on.


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