The Difference Between Your 20's & 30's

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I was in the car driving to the beach the other day listening to EDM (insert Swedish House Mafia song) and I laughed, because not too long ago I was a completely different person. I'm about to turn 32 and a lot has changed in the past few years.

At 26 I would have been dancing at a club until 4 am (listening to Swedish House Mafia), now I listen to it to motivate me to go for a run in at 9 am.

At 26 my weekend morning beverage was a bloody Mary, now it's a green juice.

At 26 my hangovers didn't last for 3 days.

I guess the moral of this short story is have that kind of fun (if you are into that) when you are in your 20's, because the older you get the worse the after effects are, and eventually you'll prefer being able to enjoy daytime over nighttime. 

The older you get, the harder it is for your body to recover. 


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