Managing Expectations

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I just came home from a (much needed) 6 day vacation and am getting back into the swing of things. We arrived home on Saturday and was glad to have a day to get myself back to reality, go food shopping, and prep some meals, because towards the end of the trip I was really missing my green juice and my body was actually craving my normal eating routine (for 6 days breakfast consisted of multiple croissants, bacon, & cappuccinos).

While away I spent majority of my days in a bathing suit, and realized that after a year of not doing what I know I need to do, it's time to put all of my excuses away and face the fact that I have to eat a certain way... or I gain weight and feel like sh*t.

Normally, I would be beating myself up at this point... having successfully and steadily lost weight slowly over a period of 2 years to only put it back on AGAIN! But while away, I was reading one of Danielle LaPorte's books, The Desire Map, and she made a statement (well a few) that rang true to me. 

"Balance doesn't exist, but proportion and harmony do."

LaPorte says: 

"Stupid crazy ambition is the unrealistic delusional (and often inflated) thought that you can accomplish big, fast, amazing things while keeping the rest of your life in a state of balance."

"The pursuit of balance is stressing us out. It's a maddening jungle of self, other, career. Equal parts exercise, home decor, loverly devotion, career ambition, and family tending- and we wonder why we get sick when we finally take a vacation. (btw... this literally happened to me 2 days before we left- so true) If you do manage to get balanced it's only temporary. Success throws things out of whack. Just when you get it balanced, circumstances or a great idea turns everything around. You can never get it right. Balance: the losing battle."

"There is a time when your relationships matter more than your job. There will be months when your career sets the pace of your entire life. There will be passages when your focus is inward and you retreat from the surface of your life to tend to your body and soul. Balance doesn't exist, but proportion and harmony do."

I stopped to think for a minute about all that I had put first in the last year that held me back from keeping my weight in check. I took a brand new business and increased the revenue way past anything I ever expected to earn in the first year, and I am in a wonderful relationship- the best ever! So 2 out of 3 boxes checked isn't bad! 

With all of this in mind, I am recommitting to my personal health goal. I pushed really hard last year to get where I am now with my career. It's time to continue on, but make a little space and time for my personal care. 

Who else is in the same boat? What have you put before your personal health/fitness in the past? and was it worth it?


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