How to Maintain Results After a Cleanse

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MYTH: Juice cleansing is just a quick-fix and your results totally won’t last.

Not so! But... it is possible to end up right back where you started if you go right back to unhealthy habits. The power is in your hands!

Whether you’ve just finished a juice cleanse or are contemplating if it’s worth embarking on one, here’s how to continue your weight loss, keep your energy up, and feel great long after your cleanse is complete… without depriving yourself of food!

Tips to Avoid the Post-Cleanse Spiral:

    1. Eat and drink a diverse variety of RAW fruits and vegetables daily, especially dark leafy greens like kale, spinach, collards, wheatgrass, and Swiss chard. Count your fruit and vegetable servings instead of calories or grams of fat. The more raw nutrition you feed your body, the easier it will be to maintain your results (and keep them going).
      2. Avoid wheat and other grains with gluten, sugary sweets, processed and artificial ingredients, fried foods, and dairy. These foods are easy to overeat and lead to weight gain. Stay away from almost everything sold in the middle of the grocery store and don’t buy anything with ingredients you can’t pronounce.
        3. Incorporate raw green juice into your daily routine. Keep your freezer stocked for convenient, instant, caffeine-free energy each morning and all the nutrients your body needs to burn fat and beat junk food cravings.
          4. Fuel your body with healthy fats like avocado, coconut, raw nuts, superfood seeds (like hemp, chia, flax, and pumpkin), and extra virgin oils (olive, coconut, and avocado oils are a few of the best choices!).
            5. Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water- especially before meals- and hydrating fluids like coconut water, cold-pressed juice, and herbal teas.
              6. Replace milk and dairy products with plant-based substitutes made with ingredients like coconut, hemp, cashew, or almond.

                7. Don’t deprive yourself. When you’re hungry, stop and eat- or grab a cold-pressed juice! Eat dessert if you want, too. There are plenty of satisfying sweets and comfort foods that won’t sabotage your waistline. In need of inspiration? Check out the easy plant-based recipes including desserts in our FREE Skinny Eats E-book.

                8. When dining out, order vegetables with everything. If you order a salad, skip the creamy dressings and opt for vinaigrette or just simple oil and vinegar. Ask for substitutions. Most restaurants understand dietary restrictions so speak up (i.e. skip the butter and request olive oil instead).

                  9. Imbibing? Try to maintain a one drink maximum, and as soon as you get home, drink a tall glass of water or a hydrating raw juice.

                  10. Develop a morning routine. This includes waking up at the same time every day. Before you do anything else, drink a tall glass of warm water with lemon and/or raw apple cider vinegar. Better still- before your morning lemon water, drink a highly detoxifying Celery Juice! Avoid grain-based breakfasts, which can cause a mid-morning crash (cereal, waffles, toast, etc.). Instead, eat high protein foods for stable all-day energy such as a green juice, plant-based protein smoothie, organic eggs, or a breakfast quinoa bowl.  And if possible, expose yourself to bright, natural light. This will help you feel more energized and lift your mood which sets you up for success in maintaining your weight loss!

                  11. Maintain your stress levels. Exercise and meditate regularly to lower stress and cortisol levels; keeping cortisol (the stress hormone) in check helps support healthy weight loss.
                    12. Get a full night’s sleep each night. This will help you maintain your weight naturally and help squash any chance of having cravings.
                      13. Restart your normal workout routine, or if you weren't working out during your juice cleanse, this is a great time to start a new routine! Do something active every day even if that just means taking a walk around your neighborhood!

                        14. Don’t set lofty goals. Set systems in place! In order to manifest lasting change, you have to create healthy habits that make sense for your lifestyle and fit into your schedule, then repeat them daily until they become second nature. Consistency is key!

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