4 Tips for a Skinny Thanksgiving

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 A lot of damage can be done during a holiday meal. Here are a few tips to get through your Thanksgiving feast without totally sabotaging yourself:

1. Drink a green juice before the festivities. 

This will help cut unhealthy cravings and also help prevent next-day hangovers!

2. Skip foods like crackers & breads.

These are full of empty calories that will just make you feel lethargic and full quickly. Besides, don't you want to make it to dessert?

3. Fill your plate with vegetables first.

It may sound restrictive to you, but you will undoubtedly appreciate it after dinner ...when everyone else is in a food coma and you feel great!

4. Bring something healthy and plant-based.

Impress your family and friends with this Quinoa & Yam side dishthese clean Ginger Cookies, this Raw Apple Pie, or a colorful salad. In a hurry? Pick up a pumpkin pie with a flour-less crust or a fruit/vegetable platter.

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